April 23, 2014
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by Krissi posted Apr 23 2014 11:44AM
Looks like there will NOT be any 'sizzurp' in any rapper's cups anymore because of the bad reputation & poor use! Poor Justin Bieber aka 'Bizzle'! More HERE
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by Krissi posted Apr 22 2014 2:08PM
Well I mean, kind of. Twerking with classical music is much classier, right? HERE
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by Allie posted Apr 22 2014 9:31AM
As if I didn't love Katy enough already, she's put out this hilarious video! It's supposedly the preview to her music video for her new hit "Birthday" and it's hilarious.

It's basically Katy dressed up as the worst birthday party entertainers ever...just watch it and let me know what you think!
by Krissi posted Apr 21 2014 12:36PM
This lady in New Jersey goes on a first date with a guy who steals her TV & her dog! Later he returns her dog but still takes the cake for having the worst first date ever! HERE
by Allie posted Apr 21 2014 10:55AM
On the finale of her "documentary" on the OWN network, Lindsay (in so many words) confirmed that that list was real! (The list of her lovers.) We aren't kidding. Read more about it here.
by Krissi posted Apr 17 2014 4:07PM
Studies have shown a few things the "Typical American" is guilty of HERE! I have to say I do sleep with my pet and my phone next to me! What about you?
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by Krissi posted Apr 15 2014 3:48PM
I am a big RiRi fan! I must say she looked amazing at Coachella HERE
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by Krissi posted Apr 15 2014 3:47PM
Iggy had an image of her and her boyfriend get leaked! The odd thing is...she doesn't even care! HERE
by Krissi posted Apr 15 2014 3:45PM
Jay Z & Beyonce surprise everyone at Coachella with a preformance! Check it out HERE
by Krissi posted Apr 11 2014 9:08PM
At what age should you stop wearing nipple pasties?! Well Cher did not get the memo HERE
by Krissi posted Apr 9 2014 7:35PM
Lady Gaga slams Katy Perry when being compared to her! Check out what she says HERE
by Krissi posted Apr 8 2014 6:50PM
Well who would have thought? Bromance turned into a kiss? Is it fake HERE
by Krissi posted Apr 8 2014 4:37PM
You know that awkward moment when your topless pictures get leaked? Yeah me neither, but Demi Lovato does more HERE
by Krissi posted Apr 7 2014 7:06PM
This is way too funny to keep to myslef! Not only is Anna Kendrick rapping but she is in a mermaid costume! HERE
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by Allie posted Apr 7 2014 2:26PM
This Twitter employee couldn't imagine going into labor and not tweeting about it! Click here.
by Allie posted Apr 7 2014 2:25PM
They said he was the Bieber of 30s and 40s. May Mickey Rooney rest in peace. More here.
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People : Mickey Rooney
by Allie posted Apr 7 2014 2:24PM
I am not one for pranks, but this student got her teacher good this year! In short, she faked a positive pregnancy test in front of her whole class. The only one NOT in on the joke was her professor. Watch the video here!
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by Allie posted Apr 7 2014 2:22PM
I am completely obsessed with looking into the way celebrities live so I was beyond stoked when Lady Gaga opened her NYC apartment up to MTV! See how posh her place is here.
by Krissi posted Apr 3 2014 6:26PM
In my Trending Tracks for tonight I have a hotter version of One Direction called 5 Seconds of Summer! HERE is everything you need to know about them!
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by Krissi posted Apr 3 2014 6:24PM
She of course had to wear her yellow/green wig!! Check out her surprise preformance HERE
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Topics : Human Interest
by Hot 1009 posted Apr 2 2014 7:28PM
These radio guys got to interview Iggy Azalea!! They decided since it was April Fools day they would prank her! HERE
by Krissi posted Apr 2 2014 7:26PM
Lady Gaga's best impression of an average person is not so average! HERE
by Krissi posted Apr 1 2014 7:26PM
These boys are so adorbs!! The producers pulled an April Fools joke on them and they played it off so well! Funny stuff HERE
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